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Husband of fallen local veteran talks dangers of burn pits

Kepner spoke with News Channel 3’s John White about the burn pits. She believed the exposure to the burn pits is what caused her cancer.


From defeat to a first-ever bill: How veterans are fighting back on toxic exposure

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., introduced the first comprehensive bill to change the way veterans sickened from toxic exposure are treated.


va fails tracking veteran burn pit data claims denied

Veterans have filed 98,017 claims for “environmental claims” since 9/11, and at least 200,000 people have signed up for VA’s burn-pit registry, according to VA. That means burn-pit claims make up slightly less than 10% of VA’s total number of environmental exposure claims for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.


we were forced to find answers burn pit injury and advocacy shape the lives of veteran and his wife

Since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a contentious debate has raged over the effects of burn pit exposure. Thousands of veterans have linked their chronic medical issues, including cancer and severe respiratory illnesses, to burn pits.

Why 2021 Could Be a Game-Changing Year for Veterans Sickened by Burn Pit Exposure

Efforts to provide medical care to military victims of burn pits have long been plagued by delays in Congress and at the Department of Veterans Affairs. This year, however, the issue may finally get the momentum it needs, thanks to high-profile and influential advocates; well-supported measures on Capitol Hill; and a growing consensus among veterans groups that it’s time for the wait to end.


David Shulkin: VA needs to secure relief for burn pit veterans

“I think the VA is a terrific organization that does many, many things exceptionally well. But the area that I think that we continue to make the same mistake on, for generations of veterans, is in our benefits area,” Shulkin said in a recent interview with Fox News’ Investigative Unit.



Rosie has become the most prominent advocate for the 185,000 veterans who have sought treatment for illnesses possibly tied to burn pits — a fraction of the 3.2 million service members Torres believes were exposed. As they now seek accountability in the justice system and health benefits from the VA that could add up to tens of billions of dollars, this is fast becoming the Agent Orange fight of the 9/11 generation.


Burn Pit Vet's Widower: Memos Show that Illness Didn't Need to Happen

Thousands of veterans and former contractors returned from the Middle East and have developed rare cancers, respiratory problems, and blood disorders from what they claim are their exposure to toxins from the flaming pits. More than 140,000 active-service members and retirees have put their names on a Burn Pit Registry created by the Department of Veterans Affairs.