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Military ToxicExposure Coalition

Join the Military Toxic Exposure Coalition - Amplifying Veterans Voices in Washington!

Thank you for all that you have done to bring us to this historic moment for veterans and service members. To harness the growing force for change, we invite you to join us in a groundbreaking new effort – The Military Toxic Exposure Coalition (MTEC).

Veterans and service members are sick and dying. According to the Burn Pits 360 registry we know there are veterans struggling with illnesses that live in every state and congressional district nationwide. Far too often they are left facing a system of delay and deny. It’s time for Congress to act.

The Military Toxic Exposure Coalition will allow us to leverage the transformative energy and momentum that we already possess as veteran advocates and allow us to work together as a united front. The coalition is comprised of Veterans, veteran leaders, first responder unions, non-profits, and influencers who have dedicated their time/efforts to support veterans.

What is the Military Toxic Exposure Coalition?

The MTEC is an education and direct-action effort that began with the first Military Toxic Exposure Conference held on August 28th in conjunction with Jon Stewart, John Feal, Grunt Style and Burn Pits 360. Our next event is the GET LOUD FOR TOXIC WOUNDS OF WAR Veterans Day RALLY ON 11/11/20 IN WASHINGTON D.C. This event will serve as an opportunity of hope. To highlight The Way Ahead, and to inform and activate support for Congress to Act.

The Presumptive Benefits for War Fighters Exposed to Toxins Act of 2020 bill will provide full presumptive coverage for everyone who served in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, and were exposed to Toxins.

We're Working With


Coalition Member Expectations

  • Work with Congress to introduce a bill that will provide full presumptive coverage for everyone who served in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, and are now ill due to their toxic exposure.
  • The MTEC will provide approved verbiage and materials to use with your networks regarding current legislative efforts underway.
  • Help to represent the coalition at key official meetings and events. 
  • Serve as an ambassador for the work of the coalition and promote its mission when and wherever possible.
  • Gather and relay appropriate information to the coalition to serve as a basis for decisions.
  • Collaborate, endorse, and support the implementation of the coalition priorities.
  • Attend coalition meetings (via teleconference) on a regular basis.

What’s Next?

Next Steps

We look forward to this groundbreaking collaboration and would like to express our deep gratitude to you for considering joining us in this call to action. We have no doubt that our upcoming event will be the first step in creating actionable changes for our military service members facing the fight of their lives. We truly feel that your organization has already done so much to enrich veterans lives, and we hope that you will strongly consider being a part of the coalition. If you are interested in joining the Military Toxic Exposures Coalition, we ask that you reach out to